Due my previous studie (Exhibition, store & decor design) I had an collaboration with seven other students to build an young student company. Together we had to come up with a realistic idea that would solve a existing problem. Like a real business we had to found shareholders who were prepared to invest in our company. Everyone had to put his best qualities so that we could create a beautiful product. To make it as complete as possible, we hade to divide the following tasks, Market research a Business plan, Product development, Shareholders management and meetings, Sales and Finance.

The concept
After research we discovered that a huge amount of people were suffering from stress. Ofcourse everyone experiences stress on a different level and way. Everyone needs a little push to continue. We made it possible, a booklet full de-stress moments. There is no fixed order, you hit the book randomly on a page open and there is a "streSsnack" for that specific moment. A book with of tips, recipes, instructions and quotes to make your stress moment bearable.

Young entrepreneurship Certificate


Graphic designer, product designer, photographer, book content, identity & concept creation